My First Post

So following months of actually having this blog, I’ve decided to stop putting it off and finally use it. My thoughts, advice and ideas surrounding veganism are scattered across my social media and I have been encouraged by my boyfriend, my friends and my family to make a blog and keep it all in one place. I often get asked questions about veganism and recipes by so many different people everyday, as well as openly offering my advice on social media – so I have decided to put all of my knowledge and experience in one place to help anyone who is vegan, who is interested in becoming vegan, or anyone who’s just interested in veganism.

I promise to be non-judgemental around the subject of veganism – I am just here to offer the advice and information I know and hopefully help anyone who is interested! I have been vegan for almost 2 years and vegetarian for 8. I decided to stop eating meat when I was 12 following a video on animal agriculture I watched during Food Tech at school. I was never the animal lover at the time than I am now, but my 12 year old self just decided any living thing should not be treated that way and I decided to stop eating meat. Since then, my love for animals has grown and, since I am not allowed pets, I have tactically become best friends only with people who have pets (I’m joking, it’s a coincidence). (It isn’t).


I used to make fun of vegans as a vegetarian, calling them “extreme”, and the weeks following up to making the switch I remember telling a girl who had recently gone vegan that “I could never do that”. Although, her change sparked my interest to look into the dairy and egg industry as I was confused as to whether I was doing enough. That’s when I discovered I wasn’t, I changed to veganism within days. I realised I was fed lies that cows needed to be milked otherwise they would be in pain, but it never crossed my mind that the babies taken from them should be the ones drinking the milk, not us.

About me, I am a 20 year old Psychology student in my 2nd year of university. I love to cook as much as I love to eat and am always happiest with a plate of food in front of me. I am 5ft on the dot – which is where I got the name for this blog (I’m the pocket-sized vegan – get it?). I try to keep to a healthy lifestyle as much as I can, but long uni days and being a generally lazy uni student means Linda McCartney sausages for every meal some days (oops).


Hopefully this blog will encourage me to go back to my healthy ways. I aim to post recipes, reviews of places I eat/products I use (cruelty-free, of course) and generally anything relating to veganism.

Please check out my food instagram for inspiration:


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