5 Day Detox: Day 2

Last night, I put some cut up bananas in the freezer for my breakfast this morning: banana ice cream. This is one of my favourites because who doesn’t want ice cream for breakfast? Banana ice cream is entirely made of blended bananas which make a sort of moose texture. You can add other fruits to make it even better, I added strawberries today. Usually, I would add some kind of plant milk to soften it but today, as I am detoxing, I just waited 10-15 minutes for the bananas to go slightly soft before I started blending them. I used about 2 and a half bananas and some strawberries then blended until it looked like this.


I then topped it with a few more strawberries, flaked almonds, baked blueberries and a satsuma. I haven’t had banana ice cream since summer because it’s definitely my go-to breakfast when it’s hot, but I forgot how good it is and am 100% going to eat it more no matter how cold it is outside. 


I then did a big Tesco shop for the week and got tons of fruit, veggies, nuts and beans. I thought it would be super expensive as I’ve had to eat more and get some healthy snacks for in between, but it ended up only being £39 which is cheap considering I shop for 2 (my boyfriend and I) for a week. Usually we spend about £35 a week between us, so I am impressed. 

For lunch, I carried on my Mexican inspired theme from last night’s dinner and made lettuce tacos. I bought small gem lettuce which makes little cups and I cooked some black beans with chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn and spices (all without oil). 


I mashed up some sweet potato and mixed it all together, then filled the lettuce cups! These were so good and I’m definitely going to make them outside of the detox. 


Dinner was quite late and I was super hungry so, apologies, I accidentally ate it all before taking a picture. It was something I make a lot though so will be putting a recipe up soon. Inspired by my Indian heritage (yes, I am fully Indian even though no one believes me), my favourite food my mum makes is matar paneer (matar is peas and paneer is a type of Indian cheese). Since going vegan, I asked my mum to substitute the cheese with tofu as it has a similar texture. So she will make the curry sauce as usual and then set some aside for me, make the paneer like the would for everyone else and mix in the cooked tofu with the sauce. It is still so delicious and I make it a lot for my friends. That recipe will be up soon!

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