5 Day Detox: Day 5

I have made it to the last day of my detox! I definitely feel cleaner but definitely missed a lot of stuff like my morning coffee and a biscuit with my tea. What I have enjoyed the most is making food taste just as good but healthier. I realised I don’t need to use oil to fry things and it tastes just as good with small bits of water. Managing to make great tasting meals out of just vegetables sometimes was an achievement and I’m going to adopt so much of what I’ve learnt into my diet now. 

As always, I had lots of fruit for breakfast. For lunch I had couscous. In addition to this, I cooked some broccoli, carrot, onion, pepper and chickpeas. 


I mixed it all together and added paprika and turmeric and topped it with coriander because I love coriander. 


Throughout the day I snacked on lots of fruit and nuts, and since lunch was so filling I just made a raw salad for dinner and squeezed lemon all over it (the best, easiest and most clean salad dressing). This is quite a pitiful end to the detox but it was tasty. 


As well as unintentionally losing a little bit of weight, feeling a lot cleaner and hydrated, one of the best thing that has come out of this is how much better I can sleep. I think the caffeine and sugar being taken away from my diet may have contributed to this. Of course, I will not eliminate those things completely from my diet because I love them and the number one diet advise I can give anyone is that a diet is not healthy if you are not enjoying anything that you’re eating. A healthy mind means a healthy body, and if you’re depriving yourself completely of things that you love, it’s not healthy and body will suffer with your mind. 


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