Valentine’s Presents for Vegans

For those of you who don’t know, veganism stretches beyond just what we eat. We also don’t wear clothes made from animals (fur, leather, silk, etc.) nor do we use products that are tested on animals or use animal ingredients. So if you thought it was hard enough finding somewhere to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out for dinner this valentine’s day, it might be even harder to find them a present. If you’re struggling to get your valentine’s date this year a cruelty free gift or you’re apprehensive over whether you know what things you can or cannot get, you should look no further than this guide.

1. The Perfect Card

You can easily just get your vegan any card, I’m sure they will love it. But maybe you can’t fork out on a massive present or you just wanna be a bit extra and go further than your usual valentines card. Making a card yourself out of recycled paper or getting creative with an old magazine puts a little more effort into your card. Especially for vegans who care about the environment, it shows you understand how important that is for them. 

Something I do for my boyfriend are these little notes with fruit related puns that I’ll give him with the fruit next to it. I’ve only given him 3 out of the 10 I’ve done, so you can see them for some inspo. They don’t take long so if you really put effort into it, you could make a really lovely card. 



2. The Basics: Flowers

Although, not a problem for most, some vegans don’t see the point or ethic behind cut flowers as they are just going to die even though they make your home look lovely for a few days. A nice little gesture for your vegan could be buying a little plant (just make sure they don’t eat it). They live longer, as long as you look after it, and greener homes always look better. Plus, you can look after it together – so if it’s early days and you’re not ready for kids or a cat yet, get a plant. 



Here is a little plant my mum got me that I just want to share:


3. The Basics: Chocolate

Chocolates are the hardest things to buy for vegans. Unless you go into Wholefoods or order special chocolate boxes online or you get dark chocolate that no one really likes, your easiest option is getting own brand chocolates some supermarkets do in their free from ranges; but it’s not really romantic getting a dairy free chocolate bar or a tiny bag of chocolate buttons. If you want to get creative, you can do something like chocolate dipped strawberries. Vegan chocolate you can get from supermarkets melts just as well as cow’s milk chocolate, so you can make it the same as well as getting extra points for the effort. 



Or you could put both flowers and chocolates together and make a bouquet of chocolate strawberries!



If chocolate isn’t your vegan’s thing, you’ll be happy to know that, perfect for valentine’s day, Love Hearts are vegan. Stock up on those, sort through the cringey sayings and pick the ones you want to give to your vegan (eat the ones you don’t). You can do a sweet hamper with tons of vegan sweets – starburst, millions, flying saucers, jelly tots and skittles. Tescos and M&S also do a range of vegan sweets.



4. Makeup

Whether he, she or they, if your vegan loves makeup then they will love you for paying attention to that and getting them some for valentine’s day – just make sure it’s cruelty free! If you haven’t got a clue about makeup, here are some options for drug store and high end brands I’m sure your vegan will love. 

  1. elf Cosmetics, Velvet Touch Eyeshadow Palettes, £14.50
  2. ecotools, Confidence In Bloom Beauty Kit, £15.80
  3. Too Faced, Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blusher, £24
    Sweethearts Blush_1.png


4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Cosmetic Glitter, £11



5. Wallets, belts, and purses

PETA provides an extensive list of online brands who offer vegan products ranging from wallets, purses, belts, bags, faux fur coats, watches made from all vegan materials. All a vegan could ever want under one list. Click here to view it, I’m sure you will find something your vegan will like. 

So there are just a few of my Valentine’s Day ideas to make your day extra special. I promise, dating a vegan is definitely worth the hassle!

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