Holiday in Tenerife

At first, I was really skeptical about this holiday for a lot of reasons (this next part may sound very negative but bear with me). One, I had never been on holiday without my family except for school trips abroad and I get homesick very easily. Two, I hate hot weather, sunbathing and beaches. Three, I only wash my hair once a week because it is a nightmare to maintain so I won’t go in pools, the sea, or the waterpark that comes free with the hotel. Four, I will never go out in a bikini or shorts because I have scars that I am self conscious about which have never seen daylight. Five, I am vegan and it is an all inclusive holiday which means I will probably not have much choice in the hotel and won’t be able to go to restaurants outside of it.

Anyway, as skeptical as I was, I went with my boyfriend, his mum and his little sister, and I actually ended up having a wonderful time. You may be pleased to know that by the end of it, I ended up wearing a bikini outside despite my scars (which was an enormous step for me). This led to me going in the sea, the pool, sunbathing, going on the waterslides and actually enjoying my holiday care-free. Proof:


Eating Vegan

I must admit, the food side of things was dreadful as I ended up eating potatoes and salads for the majority of my meals.


At the beginning, I was loving all the veg, but I was missing my protein! For once, I was actually not getting enough of it. I complained to the hotel and gave them a list of options for me, but nothing came of it. All of their pasta had egg in it, so I didn’t get any of my favourite food for 10 whole days and that’s all I was craving.

On the last few days, my boyfriend and I found a lovely vegan restaurant which was a 4 minute walk from my hotel and I just had to try it.


I got a hotdog, chocolate milkshake and a chocolate cake, whilst my boyfriend got the same but a chocolate cheesecake. It was all delicious; the restaurant uses organic ingredients and puts healthy twists on all of their meals.


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I ended up going back on my last day and having an amazing ravioli dish with the sauce made out of chickpeas that I’m going to attempt to recreate, and I also took some spring rolls away for the trip to the airport.

Submarine Adventure

When looking at all the activities to do around the island, I was upset to see the most popular ones were zoos and places that were definitely not kind to animals. That was until I saw you could take a submarine into the sea and see some sea-life (that’s a tongue twister) in their natural habitat. I immediately signed up for it and the experience was amazing. Although we didn’t see any extravagant creatures, it was incredible to see the beautiful sea-life up close from this perspective. We saw jellyfish, huge sting rays (look how smiley they are!) and so many different kinds of fish.


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Things to do

The island itself had so much going on from karaoke bars, street performers, beaches and countless shops. One night, we went to an MHT Drag Show which was hilarious. It came with a 3 course meal but my entrée was literally a plate of vegetables. They hadn’t even been seasoned, just sautéed and piled up. I wrote a very long list of vegan options they could’ve made me on their “rate your experience” card. However, the show itself couldn’t have been better though.


One thing I loved about Spain is how generous they are with drinks. Our hotel filled about half of our glasses with alcohol so the bar is really where we won our money back. One night, my boyfriend and I found a lovely decorated bar called Blue Cactus with vines all around it, huge cocktails and live music.


Just walking around the island, we always found things to do and were never bored. Plus everything was so beautiful there were a ton of photo background opportunities.


Siam Park

This is the number 1 in the world according to TripAdvisor for 4 years in a row. I had no intention of actually going to the park and, instead, spent our first day there just sunbathing with my boyfriend’s mother. After seeing how much fun my boyfriend and his sister were having, I started to get tempted. I love rollercoasters so I would most definitely love water slides, so I decided on my ‘hair wash day’, I would go on all the waterslides. I was not disappointed.


I had so much fun, they were all amazing! The only issues we had was, on a lot of them they were 4 person so we either had to wait for one person from another group to join us – and no one really wanted to leave their own groups – or we had to split up. Irregardless, we had an amazing time there and I would definitely go again (on hair wash day, of course).

Oh, a heads up for vegans – I saw that Siam Park also had enclosed animals like seals, sharks and fish which definitely wasn’t cool so bear that in mind if you are thinking of paying to go there. (We will free them one day).

Overall, the trip was great and there was definitely a ton of stuff to do there for everyone. The only thing I would change is for it to not be all inclusive as there were so many great restaurants around I would’ve loved to have eaten at. Anyway, here are some more holiday pics (close your eyes if you hate cringe):

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