Jolie Beauty Review: You’re On Fleek Palette and Uniglow Perfecting Elixir

*Edit: the Uniglow Perfecting Elixir is not vegan, I have now stopped using this product.*

A lot of cruelty-free makeup brands can be difficult to trust when you’re so used to big named mainstream brands. Recently, I have been looking into trying out and supporting more independent brands where veganism and cruelty-free products are at the heart of their company. Jolie Beauty is a cruelty-free brand where you will find absolutely no animal products in their cosmetics, as well as being against the use of animal hair in their brushes or mink in their false eyelashes, and they have truly done an amazing job of creating wonderful cosmetics for those who like to experiment with makeup and creativity.

Personally, I don’t tend to wear a lot of colours or glitter makeup, but since buying their newest You’re On Fleek palette, a neutral tone glitter palette, I have been looking for any excuse to wear glitter everywhere.


Firstly, we have to talk about how beautiful the outside of it is. It’s all about the glitter and is also their first palette where they’ve named and labelled each shade. They have quite a few glitter palettes where most of the shades are bold and bright colours. This palette aims to have more neutral tones and to me, they’re very autumnal colours, which I love.


I’ve been wearing a lot of the colours from the palette for a while now, they stay on for hours, don’t crease and their shine is consistent throughout the day. This palette is so, so beautiful, and even without glue, primer or foundation covering your eyes, the eyeshadow will go on and stay on easily.


I also tried their Uniglow Perfecting Elixir which aims to hydrate your skin and give you a glow. Inside it is an oil with bits of gold floating in it. To start with, I’ve used it mixed in with my foundation. I have quite dry skin and always had issues with foundation making my skin look dry after application, but this completely sorted that out. It made it easier to apply and you couldn’t see any dry skin on my face at all afterwards. My only issue was that it showed foundation brush marks more easily which you had to pat down afterwards to give it a more ‘matte’ look. I now use the elixir on my face before applying my foundation, so I’m basically using it as a primer, and that has done wonders for my skin. I use it even when I’m not wearing any makeup because it keeps my skin hydrated, especially in this weather, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers with dry skin.


It has a pipette inside and you only need a few drops to cover your face. I can imagine when mixing it with foundation, if you use a beauty blender, it would work best for you. But if you use a silicone blender, foundation brush or your fingers, it can show up with the markings and you’ll need something to pat it down.

To buy, click here:

Jolie Beauty ship worldwide and shipping is free for the UK. Check out their website for more vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

2 thoughts on “Jolie Beauty Review: You’re On Fleek Palette and Uniglow Perfecting Elixir

  1. Hi, I Just thought you may want to know, in case you are still using it, that the uniglow is not vegan, the collagen is derived from animals.
    Kind regards


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