Vegan Breakfast Ideas

People often assume all vegans are missing out on breakfasts like a full english, bacon rolls and pancakes, but having fun and inventive breakfasts every day is one of my favourite things about being vegan. Here’s a list of my favourites ranging from super healthy breakfasts to hangover cures including three egg substitutes. There are also breakfasts you can take on the go, and lazy Sunday breakfasts when you want to treat yourself.


Oats are slow release carbs so perfect to have when you’ve just woken up to give you long-lasting energy until lunch. The bigger the oats, the longer they last for energy release. You can also top it with anything you want: fruit, nuts, seeds, nut butters and syrup. If you care about calorie intake then you can make oats with water, otherwise you can use any nut milk you prefer which can alter the taste of your oats (I love coconut almond milk oats)

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Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are perfect for when you don’t have time in the morning, all you need to do is mix some oats with water or nut milk, put any toppings you want and leave it overnight to soak. You can just grab your container to go in the morning, plus when it’s too hot for warm oats, it’s perfect.


Chia Pudding

You can also do the same with chia pudding and leave chia seeds in water or nut milk overnight and then add any toppings you want.


Nut Butter Toast

Up until I went vegan, I thought the only nut butter out there was peanut butter, but then I found there are tons of others. My favourites are almond butter and cashew butter. You can also top these with fruits, nuts and seeds.


Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are a great way to get loads of fruit in, as well as being so amazing in the summer. Just freeze some fruit and blend them together, then add toppings for texture like granola, coconut, nuts and seeds or even more fruit!


Banana Ice Cream

Who wouldn’t want to have ice cream for breakfast and have it be healthy?! Nana ice cream is one of my favourite all time breakfasts. All you have to do is freeze some chopped up bananas, then blend them, preferably in a food processor. You can add other fruit like strawberries or even cocoa powder to make it chocolatey!


Full English Breakfast

Vegans don’t have to miss out on the best hangover cure, there are so many meat substitutes! You can normally find vegan sausages, tempeh bacon and any other alternatives in mainstream supermarkets. Just get some hash browns, beans, veggies, toast and you’re set to go.


Egg Replacements

If you’re missing eggs from your full English, there’s some things you can do. Egg replacements are quite good; they look realistic but personally I don’t think they taste amazingly similar to eggs.


Chickpea Flour Scramble

Scrambled chickpea flour works so well too but can be a bit tougher than actual eggs.


Tofu Scramble

My personal favourite is scrambled tofu! Just add nutritional yeast, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, and if you can find it, black salt has a surprisingly eggy taste. You can add lots of veggies to any of the scrambled egg replacements to make them yummier.


Vegan Pancakes

They’re worth mentioning because so many people think vegans miss out on this breakfast! Vegan pancakes can be just as fluffy, sweet and delicious as non-vegan pancakes. Click here for my pancake recipe and loads of topping ideas.



A lot of mainstream granola has honey in it which makes it unsuitable for vegans. You can find some without but I find it even better to make my own! It’s super easy, just bake big oats mixed with nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, oil, syrup and whatever else and you’re good to go!


Granola Bars

You can even make your own granola bars by making a slab of the mixture and cutting them into rectangles, making them much healthier than breakfast bars you buy at the supermarket.

gran bar.jpg

Avocado Toast

What is a vegan breakfast post without mentioning avocado toast? It’s so tasty and easy to make, just add lemon or lime juice to some mashed up avocado and you’re good to go.


So there you have a ton of vegan breakfast ideas – there’s now no excuse to be skipping the most important meal of the day. Let me know if you try any of these out, and also if you’d like any recipes for them! 

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