Vegan in Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira is a stunning city in Faro, Portugal, with lots of beautiful, sandy beaches and mysterious caves along its coastline. Not to mention the buzzing nightlife on The Strip, which is where Ben and I stayed for the week. Portugese food tends to be meat and fish heavy, especially around coastal areas – but we managed to find lots vegan gems to share.

Veggie Café

The first restaurant we found was Veggie Café, a fully vegetarian restaurant with a health-focused menu. The area inside was quite large but they had a lovely courtyard in the back with outdoor seating. They grow their own herbs and vegetables which they use in the food, so everything was fresh and delicious! Their menu changes daily, but is always full of variety and is surprisingly cheap. Whilst it says vegetarian, I didn’t spot anything that wasn’t vegan, but it’s always worth checking.

Veggie Cafe: the outdoor courtyard
Nourish Bowl with quinoa, aubergine, peanuts, salad, and dressing
Caramel cake

Alfarroba Café

The next vegan spot we visited was Alfarroba Café, a popular vegan café near our hotel. This place was a bit smaller, but had some lovely seating outside and an amazing vibe all round. They have a fixed menu that includes salads, wraps, burgers, desserts, and they also sell some delicious vegan wines by the bottle. The food here was so good – we came back twice!

Alfarroba Café
Tempeh wrap with crisps and tofu salad with pasta and dressing

The Market

For our anniversary, we decided to visit The Market, a restaurant on the strip with a wonderful vegan menu. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, and the food was incredible. They went all-out with innovative and funky cocktails (I had one that came in a lightbulb?) I’d definitely come here if you want somewhere you can dress up with great views – and especially if you want a good night out afterwards.

The menu had starters like soup and bruschetta, mains like salads, pasta dishes, and a burger, and a few different desserts. Although, they put together a special dessert for us for our anniversary (and a free glass of bubbly each!)

Cocktails: ‘Market Fence’ and ‘Market Star’
Garlic bruschetta with beetroot hummus
Chinese wok noodles with tofu and vegetables
Vegan chocolate cake dessert for our anniversary

Vegan Momi

There were a couple of places we didn’t get to visit, Vegan Momi being one. We had every intention to go when we visited the Old Town, but it was sadly closed that day! They offer lots of breakfast food options like toast with an amazing array of toppings, a Full English, and chickpea omelettes. They also do lunchtime and dinner options like lasagne, burgers, pizza, salads, and desserts. The restaurant is centred around kindness to animals and showing customers how amazing cruelty-free food can be.

Sugar Rabbit Kaffé

This was another one we didn’t get a chance to try but was definitely on the list. Sugar Rabbit Kaffé offers organic, raw, and healthy food which looks beautifully vibrant and delicious. Menu items include fresh juices, smoothies, and cheeky cocktails, as well as smoothie bowls, pancakes, toasts, salads, wraps, and burgers. They use seasonal and organic fruits and veggies throughout their menu, partnering with local producers.

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