5 Day Detox

During exam period in my second year of university, I ate so much junk food (and gained half a stone.) This started at the beginning of the Christmas holidays where I spent half of the time revising and half of the time eating. I felt very stressed out and unclean from all this bad food I was eating I decided to go home for the weekend and spend some time figuring out how to get myself back on track and stress free.

I love going home because my mum always stocks the fridge with tons of fruit and vegetables. During this time, I decided to do a detox. This wasn’t one of those ‘only have green smoothies every day for a week’ sort of things. My plan was to only eat fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and drink TONS of water. I cut out processed foods (goodbye, Linda McCartney sausages), caffeine and alcohol, refined sugar, ‘bad’ carbs, takeaways and any junk food. Bare in mind, I am not a nutritionist, I gathered all of my information online and decided this is the best way to cleanse my body.

I decided to do this for 5 days starting from Monday. Every morning I woke up early, had a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon and ate lots of fruit and nuts for breakfast. I aimed to drink at least 1.5L of water a day and do daily updates on what I’ve eaten and inspiration for you guys.

Lunch ideas include: my amazing avocado salad (more information at a later post), buddha bowls, baked stuffed sweet potato, wholegrain rice and beans, vegetables and grains like barley and quinoa. See my journey here: