Vegan Guide to York, England

York is a stunning city in northeast England, known for its Roman origins, huge Gothic cathedral, and quaint cobbled streets. We spent a week in December in and around York for the Christmas markets and truly found it magical. There was plenty of vegan food to eat, so we didn't get a chance to try everything. But I've tried to collate a good list of places we did and didn't go to help you plan your visit.

Vegan in Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira is a stunning city in Faro, Portugal, with lots of beautiful, sandy beaches and mysterious caves along its coastline. Not to mention the buzzing nightlife on The Strip, which is where Ben and I stayed for the week. Portugese food tends to be meat and fish heavy, especially around coastal areas - but we managed to find lots vegan gems to share.

Vegan Omelette Recipe

Since becoming vegan, I've dabbled with many different alternatives for eggs. The most exciting one I had never seemed to be able to get right is the chickpea omelette. Until recently! I've altered and played around with different proportions and believe I've perfected this enough to share. I've got some tips & tricks below on how to make this fool-proof, but feel free to scroll to the bottom to go straight to the recipe!

Vegan Black Bean Taquitos

Upon my parents' return from their holidays, my sister and I decided to make a yummy vegan spread for their arrival. One of the dishes we made were these vegan black bean taquitos! They were flavoursome, warming, and full of nutrients. I hope you decide to make them and enjoy!

Perfect Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

I make these cupcakes all the time, the recipe is fool-proof and delicious. The pictures are from the time I made them for my best friend's 21st birthday - everyone loved them and it didn't take long before they were all gone. The pink icing was homemade (recipe included) and the chocolate icing was store-bought. These cupcakes always come up light and fluffy, without using any weird ingredients, anyone will be able to make perfect cupcakes from this.